Crystal Events was formerly known as Crystal Plantation. In the 1970s, Crystal Plantation was a skating rink that was named Franks Skating Rink!! Surprised right?! Crystal Plantation was never a real plantation. It was open for a few years and due to the increasing population of skating rinks available in the area, Franks closed in the early 1980s. The property then housed a country western bar until it landed in the hands of Lennie Dazet Jr in 1988. Lennie had a vision of remodeling the unkempt property into a beautiful wedding venue. He began renovations by adding the southern facade to the front of the building. His business thrived in the heart of Kenner! 

In 2012, Lennie sold the business to Donnie Thomas, who was a long time employee of the venue. Donnie worked hard to continue to grow the business and its reputation. Donnie worked for Crystal Plantation for 18 years with 8 of them being the owner. Donnie fulfilled his promise for Crystal Plantation and began to think of his future goals. 

In 2019, Donnie sold the Crystal Plantation to Diego Oliva to pursue his investment dreams and spend quality time with his growing family. Diego is already making strides to improve its appearance and client experience! In 2020, Diego opted to change the Crystal Plantation name to Crystal Events. Come and check out the new renovations! You will not be disappointed!

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